Just trying to survive beautifully.

These are my spontaneous bursts of being.

Happy birthday, Lola. You are and will always be missed. I know Kuya and I, and @tim_amazin and @forevermacken and maybe even sometimes Ate, were tons of trouble growing up. Thank you for trying all you could to steer us the right way, to teach us and guide us, to raise us to be responsible people. We love you. And I pray you and Kuya can still teach and guide from where you are. Love always,
Went to @thegreatcompany office last night to pick up something and say hello to @jordyntaylornow  while they wrapped @andrewagarcia’s #musicvideo shoot. I don’t know what’s happening in the video, but they was lookin’ tre shmexy! Look out for it when it drops! Was in the #studio listening to playback for @iammcjin’a upcoming #album. Y’all are gonna love love love it! Be on the lookout! Shout out to the homie @toesteeezy for the master photo-taking, haha. #proteinshaker #classicAustinface #music
Hahaha, so apparently I just liked to crouch in photos back in the day. Too many to tag and who knows if anybody wants to be tagged in this, haha. Love to all the homies from way back! To P6, class of 01, and bandanas. #tbt #bga #throwbackthursdays #posinginparkinglots #posinginfields #jersey

New EP from the homies #TheIdleHours!!! Check out this snippet from #PerfectMelody on the #album. Go to http://TheIdleHours.bandcamp.com to support, preview, and purchase. Share the post and look out for an animated #musicvideo coming from us at @homeroomcreative!!! @alfa_music #eargasms #harmonies #music

Helping produce more #photoshoots. This time with my newfound crush @officialcamillaluddington who is absolutely the chillest, most down-to-earth gal around! Just sweet, funny, and so naturally gorgeous! *faint* Haha! The homie @iaunplug really has a gift when it comes to photography too, and I can’t wait for the world to see these photos in @FelixMagazine soon! @homeroomcreative @thegreatcompany #teamhrpc #tombraider #thegreatco #seedcenter #camillaluddington #fashion #newcrush
Had the homie @timdelaghetto speak to the #WeOwnthe8th fam about his inspirational story, especially about paying off his parents’ mortgage. @kevynfong with the epic #photobomb. Also, in the #studio while fam @iammcjin was gettin’ ’ hardcore into playback from his upcoming album, with @christianrich. You definitely can’t say these cats aren’t passionate about what they do. @thegreatcompany #teamhrpc @homeroomcreative
The door we used to measure our heights on. #tbt #throwbackthursday #siblings #love #rip #kuya



this speaks to me on a spiritual level.


This is heaven.

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#Malibu the other evening. The #sky doesn’t need clouds, or crepuscular rays, or too many colors to still look so beautiful.

#ALSIceBucketChallenge Me and @thisiscatk after hosting the show tonight! Accepted my bro-in-law’s challenge. Challenge extended to @rufiozuko @mendozachristine @tim_amazin @batchao @natetao Thanks to @lindahur and the fellas for helping pour and to all those who took mad vids! Like @tjbrownmusic! Haha! Will upload full vid on FB! #ColdAsIce #IGotWayMoreThanSheDid

#ALSIceBucketChallenge Me and @thisiscatk after hosting the show tonight! Accepted my bro-in-law’s challenge. Challenge extended to @rufiozuko @mendozachristine @tim_amazin @batchao @natetao Thanks to @lindahur and the fellas for helping pour and to all who took mad vids! Like @tjbrownmusic! Haha. Will upload full vid on FB! #ColdAsIce #IGotWayMoreThanSheDid

Helpin’ produce #photoshoots for the #photography wizard homie @iaunplug. This one with the coolest, most gorgeous gal around - @LaurenCohan! Y’all will faint when you see the photos for @FelixMagazine! Special thanks to my friends at @ShanSocialHouse for letting us use the venue (where they shot #KillBill and #TheGreenHornet)! And to all who helped me out last minute! #TheWalkingDead Another shout out to @diannikco @diannikalena for my #SnapBack!

R.I.P. Robin Williams



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It’s really hard to know the “right” thing to say about death - I know this firsthand because my own father passed away, two years ago today, and the mourning/grief process has been complex and difficult to summarize.


Ate mountains of #food last night, supportin’ the homie @sophiafresh7 at her new #shabu joint @OrenShabu! Food was insane! Hittin’ #Yelp hard! Make sure you head out there on Wilshire and treat your stomach to somethin’ special!  Shout out to the great staff and to those who came with: @alfa_music @johnenriquez @pcpotyondy @robertbieselin @batchao @patrickallocca @homeroomcreative #foodporn
Squishy Face (me) and Ladybug, the greatest +1 around, before the #Pheirav #wedding ceremony this past Sunday! Such happiness seeing friends marry and being part of the celebration. #yamashiros #weirdos